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We are a team of experienced tree surgeons, operating in Barnes and Putney and surrounding areas.

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    Certified and Fully Equipped Tree Surgeons in Barnes and Putney

    We are a 1st class tree care service, based locally to Barnes and Putney.  We provide a wide range of tree surgeon and tree care services to all our happy customers.  Our trained and fully insured ground staff are ready to tend and care for your trees in gardens across Barnes and Putney.

    We treat every garden and tree with the utmost respect, and since every garden is different and clients’ needs vary, we tailor each job accordingly bespoke to customers’ requirements and budgets.  We are very proud of our fantastic service and would implore you to give us a call today to see how we can help with all your tree care needs in Barnes and Putney.

    Maybe you want to find out more about how our tree care company can care for your trees in Barnes and Putney, whatever your query or question, our friendly team are always on hand to help. 

    Tree Care Services in Barnes and Putney

    • Tree surgeons in Barnes and Putney
    • Tree surveys in Barnes and Putney
    • Stump grinding in Barnes and Putney
    • Tree pruning in Barnes and Putney
    • Tree removal in Barnes and Putney
    • Tree care in Barnes and Putney

    Tree surveys and reports in Barnes and Putney

    We provide our clients with tree surveys to help manage and maintain your trees to the best standard of care. If you are overwhelmed with the number of trees in your garden we can help.  As part of our tree care we also carry out tree pruning, thinning, pest control and removal of diseased and dead trees.

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    • Local to Barnes and Putney

    Did you know?

    Some tree species never die of old age! They might die of other causes such as disease or neglect, but they will never die of old age. Trees release chemicals to make you happy! Before trees were on the earth we had 26 feet tall fungi. Trees talk to each other through fungi and share resources underground. Mother trees remember the past and climate changes and send their excess carbon underground to baby seedlings.

    Trees are truly amazing!


    How do I arrange a free quote with Utopia Tree Care?

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    When is the best time to have work carried out on my trees and hedges?

    As a general rule, work is normally carried out after leaf fall and before bud burst, whilst some other trees need all round pruning.

    Are you fully insured?

    Yes, due to the nature of the job we have fully comprehensive insurance to cover every eventuality.

    What is BS3998 2010 tree work recommendations?

    It is a document setting out how all tree work should be carried out.